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Definitions & Delivery Time

Delivery times vary significantly depending on the project, for example a single page website can usually be completed and live within a week but a high end database-driven ecommerce website will take at least a few months to complete

Basic Definitions:
HTML - HyperText Markup Language
CTA - Call-To-Action
CMS - Content Management System
UI / Ux - User Interface / User Experience

Analytics & Data

We install analytics on the websites we produce as standard so you can measure your websites performance, the number of visitors accessing your website, how long they stay on your website and what they are clicking on/interested in.

By default we use Google Analytics so you can provide us with your existing analytics code if you are upgrading your website or if it's a fresh new website you will need to set up a new Google Analytics account or add your new website to your existing Google Analytics account and provide us with the analytics tracking code. We can use any other analytics software if you prefer (may cost extra)

Compatibility & Testing

There's so many different devices and browsers out there and your website will need to look perfect on all of them, but different browsers and devices interpret code differently and therefore websites look different in different browsers and devices, sometimes they will look broken or be unusable, even if they look and work fine in another. We perform extensive testing and fix any problems we find.

Your website will detect the browser or device accessing it and adjust the code accordingly so that your website looks and works perfectly across all browsers and devices. (Support for IE10 and earlier versions of internet explorer costs extra)

UI / Ux Design

The user interface and user experience design is most likely the first thing you thought of when thinking about web design, albeit a small part of the process.

The design of a great website should have a strong focus on usability, visitors like an interactive website that contains useful information and engages them and so do the search engines, the information that a visitor is looking for needs to be easy to find and lead them to a CTA like making contact or purchasing a product online.

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Speed & Security

If your website is slow you will lose visitors and sales as well as ranking lower on search engines like Google, if you have any log in pages or forms where visitors enter sensitive personal information and your website is insecure this information could be visible to hackers or if your website has a database that has personal information stored inside it, hackers may try testing for vulnerabilities to exploit.

We optimise all websites we produce to superfluous levels of speed and security but we can provide a truly paramount level of speed and security if necessary for specialist applications such as online banking, currency exchange, gaming, etc.

Source Code

The code we write is validated and meets W3C standards fully, we work with the latest code, HTML5, CSS3, PHP5, etc. but we can write older versions as well.

After we deliver your project you can look through the code yourself and if you have any questions, want us to explain what any part of it means or what it's doing, we'll be happy to explain. Have another web developer take a look at it, we are 100% confident about the quality of all code we produce.

See that the HTML code on this page is fully valid: W3C Code Check

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Pricing & Payment Options

We try to be as flexible as possible when it comes to payments and we have a special offer for startups new to the web, an all-inclusive website for $39.

See our full price list, tell us your budget and we'll tell you what we can do, or if you prefer, send us your project proposal and we can provide a no-obligation quote. Other options include pay monthly plans or paying us at our hourly rate of $50.

Prices start from $39, a 3-4 page website is $299+ and a bespoke site is $695+, we request full payment be made in advance. We split payment on large projects.

Social Media Integration

Social Media is important for any business with an online presence and by integrating social media correctly with your website you can make the most of it.

This could simply be a matter of adding "like" and "share" buttons connected to your social network business pages to your website so you get more likes and shares making your marketing more effective or it could be adding code to specify what to display if someone wants to share your content so it looks perfect.

Legal Compliance

Legal requirements for websites differ depending on the type of entity behind the site (e.g individual or corporation) and the geographic location, not just of the owner but also the server where the website is hosted and country level TLDs may also have different regulations. Federal and/or State laws could apply.

We know the laws covering the distance selling act, data protection, overseas data transmission, privacy, security, idemnity, copyright, domain registration, hosting, differences for different entities, etc. We help protect you from any legal disputes.

Content Management

CMS stands for Content Management System and this allows you to log in and change the content on your website yourself.

There are many different content management systems you can use such as Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal, etc. or we can even build you a custom CMS. The price of a website built with a content management system will be much higher than the price of a regular website and you will have to consider other downsides such as reduced speed from adding content that is not optimised properly for the web.

Find out why Wordpress is better than Wix, Site123 and Squarespace:

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Search Engine Optimisation

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation on search engines such as Google, this is about how far near the top of the search results your website appears.

On-site SEO is included with all websites we develop and as part of our website management services, we follow good practices endorsed by search engines such as Google including speed optimisation, SSL security, usability and page structure optimisation, validated code, social media integration, keyword research, etc.


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