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Wix, Weebly, Site123, Squarespace - Are they any good?

We may be suspected of being a little biased in our position but will affirm that online website builders have come a long way and make it easy for personal users to take the first step towards having some form of website on the internet, but are they any good for business?

The problems with these website builders include lack of scalability, design and functionality limitations, lower rankings on search engines, slower loading speeds and they are actually more expensive.

The free plans might seem great at first but they are very limiting so it's a misleading incentive for you to upgrade and as soon as you start spending money on any of them, you're paying more than hiring a professional and getting so much less.

Online website builders are great if you want a basic website really fast and cheap but for a business website where you want to see a return on investment and be able to grow without limitations, you'll need to hire a professional.

If you have more time and want to build your own website with an online builder, we recommend Wordpress.

The best way to manage this would be to find a web hosting provider that has a control panel with an app installer which includes Wordpress and install it on the server, you will need a domain name as well.

The reason we recommend doing it this way is because Wordpress is a very popular and widely used platform and it's open source which means you and any developers can access all of the source code, meaning you're not limited and have the scalability unlike with the other website builders. Wordpress is also great for ranking on search engines and has many tools/addons available for SEO. We can help with starter Wordpress set up for only £25!

So what are the ongoing costs?

That's it! Doing it this way saves you over £250 a year (compared to Wix Business VIP plan, which gives you less) and gives you all the benefits of scalability, higher ranking on search engines and no design or functionality limitations.

Even the cheapest Wix plan that involves their intrusive ads being placed on your website is more expensive!

Wix Pricing

*Prices as of this pages publishing date: 01/07/2019

So why use us?

We understand website builders are useful, but do they understand your business? Or your target audience? The website builders won't tell you if your SEO isn't working, if the content is hard to read or if your logo doesn't match the design. The front-end design is just the UI itself, the data being sent at the back-end needs to be specific and with online website builders it can't be. Having your website designed professionally means it can be tested thoroughly on all devices and browsers and be optimised to be light, secure and as fast as it can be and a custom design that impresses your website visitors as well as clearly leading them to make a purchase or contact you means a significantly higher return on investment.

We put your business first and spend the time making your website the best it can be, we look at how it'll perform on search engines and how it will convert visitors into sales, we look at all of your competition and how we will do better. We save you all the time and design your website tailored to your needs, which unlike with the online website builders, you actually own!

If you are a serious business, small or large, wanting to grow and increase your profits, you should be thinking long-term and understand that hiring professionals means you can have full ownership of the content and source code, have a website that works with your branding, puts you ahead of your competition, impresses your visitors and converts them into sales.

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