Know First

Starting a new web project

Things to know before you begin

What do you want to achieve?

Is the website an essential part of your business? Or is it a place to find information on your company or business?

What is your target audience?

Do you know what your demographic or geographic target is? Or is it universal and global? Would you like to serve visitors different content depending on their location or device? (e.g video on Chrome but not on Firefox or send iPhone users to a different site)

Have you already registered a domain name?

Ours is, to put it simply it's the name you enter in the browser. You need one along with web hosting to have your website properly live on the internet.

Do you already have the graphics and images?

We can create and purchase graphics for the project but the price and time to complete it will increase. Images should be in correct format and optimised for web.

What will happen if you don't have a new website, or your existing site redesigned?

Will you lose sales or rankings on the search engines? Is your website old and not mobile-friendly? Will a competitor take all of your business opportunities online?

What is your budget for this project?

If you know the budget for your project, it makes things much easier. We know exactly what we can offer and how long it takes to deliver so if you tell us your budget we can work out the best deal for you.

What is your deadline for launching the new website?

We will always be upfront about whether we can deliver the project by your deadline or if we think it'll take a little longer. We work fast but our workload varies.

Have you researched your online competition?

If you are going to be our client, we want you ahead of your competition. Have a look at what they're doing and share it with us, and we'll be sure to do better!

Do you have a logo?

Of course if you don't have one it's not a problem, but if you do it helps for branding, even if it's just for the favicon or app icon if someone adds your site to their phone.

Are you planning to sell online?

If you are going to be selling online, how many products do you plan to sell? Do you really need a full e-commerce site? How will you process payments? What type of product are you selling? (e.g virtual or physical)

How are you planning on marketing your new website?

Besides search engines picking up your website, you should have an effective marketing strategy in place to make the most of launching your new website.

Are you going to be providing the content?

We can provide copywriting and graphics but the project cost will increase accordingly, if you are upgrading your existing website it may be better to keep the old content.

Do you know how you want it to look or have examples?

If you have researched your online competition properly you should have a good idea already, we want to make it perfect for you so it helps if we have something to go by.

Will you need to be able to update and add content yourself?

The cost of building a website on a CMS increases the costs significantly, we can discuss alternative options if you don't think you'll need to update content so often.

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