Software Development

Bespoke software, mobile and web apps that empower your business

Web Applications

Web applications and portals including back-end and API development giving your business a scalable and interactive platform for employees (e.g collaboration, management), CRM or for your customers to use an online service you provide.

Mobile Apps

Apps for Android and iPhone, from planning to publishing live to the Play Store and App Store.

Data Science & AI

Scientific software development for collecting and processing a wide-range of analytical data using complex algorithms that can be used in applications such as artifical intelligence or processed into databases for further use.

Windows, Mac & Linux Applications

Bespoke advanced Java,, C# and C/C++ applications and tools developed for your computer systems

Software Tools Development

We are the software developers for the software developers! We develop tools for testing and developing new software.

Security / Ethical Hacking

In-depth vulnerability scanning and strategic ethical hacking to ensure complete security within your application.

Cloud Computing

Secure cloud computing and storage solutions for your business developed in-house, review all source code and keep your data encrypted on your own servers, private from Google or Amazon.

Front-end and UI/Ux

Beautiful design with a focus on usability and a sleek, interactive user-interface on all your software designed to promote your brand and represent quality to all users, plus extensive Ux testing and trials.

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